Vastly Introduces Silky Smooth Paper Made from Wheat

From Splintery to Silky - Toilet Paper Has Made Big Improvements

Vastly's silky paper product line

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin’s Farmer’s Almanacs were designed to be used in outhouses as a 19th century toilet paper? Or that the earliest known paper, produced in China, was actually made with silk fragments? Vastly is redesigning paper from the ground up -- from how it’s made (post-harvest wheat rather than trees) to how it feels (silky smooth texture).

Not only is Vastly’s wheat paper more sustainably made than wood pulp paper, but using wheat gives the paper with an unusually smooth, silky surface. When you use Vastly toilet paper, facial tissue, napkins, and travel tissue you’ll immediately notice the difference it makes on your most sensitive skin compared with conventional paper products made from trees.

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Vastly's silky toilet paper and napkins

What Makes Vastly Tissue Products So Silky Soft?

It’s the Wheat!

Nineteenth century inventors, like Joseph Gayetty and the Scott brothers, tried making toilet paper into a consumer product, but smart shoppers were disappointed with the rough texture and weren’t happy with the risk of splinters. While conventional toilet paper has come a long way, Vastly is proud to introduce an even softer alternative: toilet paper made from wheat!

Paper fibers made from wheat have smaller filaments. This means that the fibers are closer together, leaving less room for rough spots on the paper. Compared with conventional tree paper, you can feel the difference on your fingertips - fewer tiny gaps in the material mean a smoother surface.

Vastly's silky paper texture explained

The unique fibers that come from wheat give the paper a strong and silky texture. This allows the paper products to stretch without easily tearing, all while retaining a smooth surface, even when rubbed against skin.

Try Vastly toilet paper, facial tissue, travel tissue, or napkins to experience the silky feel of wheat paper!