4 Reasons Vastly Tissues Are the Best Cold Season Companion

4 Reasons vastly tissues are the best cold season companion

Getting through cold season isn't always easy - in addition to feeling under the weather, using facial tissues to blow your nose can leave you with red skin and irritation under your nose. Luckily, if you use Vastly facial tissue or travel tissue packs, you'll avoid the irritated skin, thanks to the smooth, silky texture. Here are the top four reasons you should use Vastly tissues when you've got a cold:

1. It's lint-free

When you blow your nose with a conventional tissue, you may notice that you get leftover white lint smudges on your nose and mouth. This can get particularly bothersome when your skin is already irritated from days of rubbing with tissues, as is often the case during cold season. With Vastly facial tissue and travel tissue, you’ll notice that the smooth surface doesn’t leave behind any lint-y residue, no matter how many times you have to blow your nose.

2. There's no puff of tissue dust when you sneeze

Have you ever gotten tissue dust in your eyes when you blow your nose? Conventional tissues tend to have more dusty residue the softer they are. The last thing you need when your eyes and nose are already irritated is to have a puff of soft papery lint fly into your eyes. Vastly tissues are great because the small fibers are closely knit together, which keeps them from puffing out tissue dust when you use them!

3.  Wheat fibers give the tissues a silky surface

One of the most distinctive features of Vastly’s paper products, especially the tissues and toilet paper, is its silky texture. The soft, smooth surface is gentle on even the most sensitive and irritated skin, which is particularly important during cold season. Find out more about what makes Vastly paper products so silky: Vastly Introduces Silky Smooth Paper Made from Wheat.

4. Each tissue is a conversation starter

Nothing can surprise your sneezing neighbor like offering them a tissue made from wheat straw! Plus, it’s reassuring knowing that you’re using a tissue that comes from a sustainable resource (rapidly renewable, post-harvest wheat straw) rather than wood pulp. So you can use as many tissues as you need, with the confidence that you’re not wasting tissues made from trees. Go ahead, grab another tissue and share with a friend! Want to learn more about the earth restorative manufacturing cycle? Find out how we make our innovative tissues and paper products here: Vastly's Sustainable Papermaking Cycle