Vastly’s Innovative, Sustainable Papermaking Cycle

Vastly's Earth Restorative Production Cycle

How do we make Vastly better paper? We start with a sustainable manufacturing loop that makes use of an underutilized agricultural product (wheat) to produce compostable, chlorine bleach-free paper; then we use the co-product as a biostimulant for the soil to support another season of growing.

The earth restorative cycle benefits farmers and growers by paying them for a discarded product (leftover wheat straw) and ultimately helps them improve their soil quality with the natural biostimulant. As consumers, Vastly paper customers can purchase paper towels, toilet paper, facial tissue, and disposable tableware guilt-free, knowing that it was sustainably made and can be sustainably composted after use.

1. Wheat Straw, Not Forests

Vastly collects underutilized wheat straw, which is a rapidly renewable agricultural product. Typically, American farmers don’t have a use for the leftover wheat straw after harvest, which sits on the field, eventually decomposing into the soil. Vastly’s earth restorative manufacturing cycle provides our company with a sustainably-sourced alternative to tree pulp and also provides a new revenue stream for farmers, who sell the discarded wheat straw to us.

2. Earth-Friendly Innovation

Vastly’s manufacturing plant, which is currently under development in Chesterfield, Virginia, uses cutting edge environmentally-friendly technology to make our paper products natural biostimulant. Another exciting feature of the new facility is a constructed wetland that will provide a biological filter to naturally clean the water used in manufacturing, sending clean water back into the James River.  

Vastly innovative sustainable papermaking cycle

3. Tree-Free Paper

Using rapidly renewable wheat straw fibers, Vastly makes all-natural paper products for household use. These products include paper towels, facial tissue, travel tissue, toilet paper, and paper tableware. The paper products are a natural wheat color because no chlorine bleach is used in the manufacturing process.

4. Better Soil, Better Roots

Vastly’s plant-derived biostimulant is a co-product of the paper production process, making clever use of the remaining nutrients from the wheat straw that do not end up in the paper products. By creating the organic acid-based soil booster, Vastly can further save valuable nutrient-dense material from the landfill, all while improving the soil quality of American fields.

Vastly innovatie sustainable papermaking cycle

5. 100% Compostable

All Vastly products are certified compostable for both home and commercial compost, returning nutrients back to the soil. Belgian-based OK Compost has certified our paper products to be safe for use in any compost, which means consumers can send their disposable tableware, paper towels, or facial tissue to the compost bin rather than the landfill. OK Compost has some of the highest standards for evaluating biodegradation (how the fibers chemically break down), disintegration (how the materials physically fall apart into smaller fragments), ecotoxicity (testing for any negative effect on plants), and heavy metals (whether the resulting compost contain any heavy metals).

6. Benefits Farmers & Growers

Our soil amendment co-product enriches the soil naturally, stimulating plant growth while minimizing the need for farmers to use fossil-fuel based fertilizers. The biostimulant, which is a combination of fulvic and humic acid, can actually transform soil structure, improve mineral uptake, and enhance nutrient absorption -- all for better plant health.

Farmers are truly central to Vastly’s earth restorative manufacturing cycle. From the first step, when farmers gather the discarded wheat straw to make our sustainable paper products, until the last step, when farmers and growers return Vastly’s nutrient-dense biostimulant to their fields, Vastly is proud to support a cycle that leaves a small footprint on the earth.

Vastly's Earth Restorative Production Cycle