Join Vastly’s Campaign to Lose the Lint!

Paper products like toilet paper, paper towels, and facial tissue can be so convenient and inexpensive to use. However, we’ve found that they often are rough on the skin, tear easily as you’re using them, and leave paper residue (lint) behind. The good news is, Vastly paper products are uniquely designed to avoid all these problems.

The proof is in the pulp! Vastly's wheat fibers are soft, strong, and tightly-knit to make a smooth, lint-free surface.

The proof is in the pulp! Vastly's wheat fibers are soft, strong, and tightly-knit to make a smooth, lint-free surface.

We’re asking consumers to Lose the Lint by trying Vastly paper products, which, thanks to strong, tightly woven wheat fibers, are both durable and smooth to the touch. This powerful combination makes them ultra absorbent, silky smooth, and keeps them from leaving lint behind with each use.

How Does Paper Made from Wheat Compare?


  • Post-harvest wheat is sustainably produced and rapidly-renewable 

  • Each purchase supports local farmers, who grow our raw materials

Safe & Innovative

  • An oxygen lightening process avoids the use of chlorine bleach

  • Naturally soft - wheat straw requires minimal processing


  • Lint-free, thanks to the unique manufacturing process

  • Small, closely woven wheat fibers are extremely durable

  • The tight weave makes a silky smooth texture for even the most tender skin

Lose the Lint Campaign with Vastly

3 Places Lint-Free Paper Products Make a Big Difference

1 | On the Go: No More Dusty Tissue Residue

When you are using conventional tissues, you may notice the puff of lint that flies off when you blow your nose. Or you may get small pieces of tissue stuck to the tip of your nose or your mouth. However, with Vastly facial tissue and travel tissue, the smooth surface doesn’t shed lint, while still retaining the soft, smooth texture that’s gentle on your skin. The silky, lint-free texture is thanks to small, closely-knit fibers made from wheat pulp rather than wood pulp.

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2 | In the Bathroom: Silky Smooth Toilet Paper Leaves Nothing Behind

One of the most distinctive features of Vastly’s paper products, especially the tissues and toilet paper, is its silky texture. The soft, smooth surface is gentle on even the most sensitive or irritated skin. Each swipe leaves nothing behind - especially not lint or small pieces of toilet paper. Like Vastly tissue, Vastly toilet paper is made from post-harvest wheat pulp, which naturally has a tighter, finer fiber than wood pulp. This keeps the texture smooth and strong, which prevents unintentional tearing and lint residue.

Find out more about what makes Vastly paper products so silky: Vastly Introduces Silky Smooth Paper Made from Wheat.

3 | At the Mirror: Lint-Free Paper Towels Make Surfaces Shine

If you’ve ever tried to use a paper towel to clean a mirror or window, you’re probably familiar with the streaky, linty residue each swipe leaves behind. With Vastly paper towels, you’ll see the difference in the first swipe - there won’t be any lint residue on the surface! Vastly paper towels are not only naturally strong and absorbent, but they are also the perfect way to get a clean, lint-free surface when cleaning. The best part is, you can grab an extra sheet, guilt-free since they’re made of rapidly renewable wheat straw rather than trees.

Join us to Lose the Lint by trying Vastly paper products for 30 days. You’ll see the difference in the first use!

From toilet paper and facial tissue to paper towels and napkins, we’ve got silky smooth, lint-free options for everyone in your house.