Vastly’s Super Bowl(s)! How to Host a Super Bowl Party with Sustainable Tableware from Vastly

As you’re planning how to host guests this Super Bowl Sunday for a game-day party, consider using Vastly  plates, bowls, and napkins. Vastly tableware is a guilt-free alternative to conventional disposable plates, bowls, and napkins that will impress your guests and keep your conscience (and counters!) clean.

Vastly Super Bowl(s): how to host a super bowl party with sustainable tableware

Vastly Tableware Is:

  • Strong, sturdy, and durable
  • Rapidly renewable
  • Lint-free
  • Silky smooth
  • Guilt-free and disposable
  • Made from wheat straw
  • Gluten-free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainably manufactured
  • Compostable
  • Free of chlorine bleach
  • Upcycled rather than recycled

How Are Vastly Plates, Bowls, and Napkins Different from Other Disposable Tableware?

What Are Some Common Problems with Disposable Tableware?

  • It can feel wasteful to throw away plates and bowls made from trees.
  • Composting conventional disposable tableware for use in your home garden can be problematic if the items were bleached or treated with harsh chemicals.
  • Conventional paper plates and bowls may leak, tear, or collapse, particularly with greasy or wet foods (like the nachos, chili, chips, and pizza usually found at Super Bowl parties!).
  • Paper napkins often leave behind lint and aren’t always effective at wiping away grease and grime when it’s time for party cleanup.
  • Chemicals used to bleach or process wood pulp may leach into the food in a paper bowl or plate, particularly hot food. Styrofoam and plastic plates present a similar problem - the chemicals (like toxic styrene) used to make them don’t stay in the plate or bowl when heated or holding warm food. [SOURCE]
Vastly Super Bowl(s): how to host a super bowl party with sustainable tableware

What Makes Vastly Plates, Bowls, and Napkins Different?

  • Because they’re made from rapidly renewable wheat rather than tree pulp, Vastly tableware is sustainably manufactured. Each plate, bowl, or napkin you use supports farmers who sell us their post-harvest wheat straw. You can use Vastly tableware guilt-free!
  • After the party, if you have a home compost bin or composting service, any Vastly products you’ve used can be tossed in, where they will quickly decompose and become nutrient-rich compost for the next growing season.
  • Vastly tableware is particularly strong, thanks to a tightly woven, small fiber wheat pulp. Unlike conventional wood pulp paper products, wheat pulp paper is known for its strength and durability. Go ahead - try going back to the food table for a second helping on the same plate!
  • Read more about what gives Vastly products their strong, silky feel: Vastly Introduces Silky Smooth Paper Made from Wheat.
  • When it comes to wiping up greasy spills or leaving your face or hands clean and lint-free, Vastly napkins and paper towels really shine. Cleaning up after the party should be a breeze with Vastly paper towels!
  • Vastly uses an innovative elemental oxygen brightening process that doesn’t involve chlorine bleach for all our paper products. This makes the products safe to use for eating from, cleaning up with, and wiping your face.
How to Host a Super Bowl Party with Vastly's Sustainable Tableware

What Makes Tableware Rapidly Renewable?

Vastly paper products are produced from post-harvest wheat straw, which is the leftover material that remains on the field after a wheat harvest. The raw material used to make Vastly paper is regrown within a single season, unlike conventional the wood that is used in conventional paper products, which can take up to 30 years (or more) to replace. If composted, Vastly tableware can fully complete the cycle, going back to the earth for another season of growing.

Vastly uses a raw material that is not just rapidly renewable, but also an underutilized product that would otherwise be wasted. This makes Vastly’s wheat paper both sustainably grown and manufactured. We support farmers by utilizing their discarded wheat straw, which normally decomposes on the field after each harvest. This gives the farmers an additional revenue source, while also helping them preserve and control soil quality on their fields.

Vastly Super Bowl(s): how to host a super bowl party with sustainable tableware

Why Are Vastly’s Super Bowls Perfect for Super Bowl Sunday?

Vastly’s wheat paper tableware are lint-free and silky smooth, yet sturdy and durable enough to use multiple times. Our plates, bowls, and napkins are free of chlorine bleach, which makes them safe to eat from and readily compostable.

They are made from rapidly-renewable wheat, which is sustainably manufactured and eco-friendly. Unlike recycled paper, which is processed from wood pulp, Vastly paper products are upcycled from an underutilized raw material: wheat straw.

Read more about upcycling - Circular Thinking: How Upcycling is Changing Manufacturing for the Better.

One of the best benefits of using Vastly tableware at your Super Bowl party? Our paper products are guilt-free disposables - sustainably produced and easily composted. No matter which team you’re rooting for on Super Bowl Sunday, feel confident in using Vastly plates, bowls, and napkins knowing that you’re supporting farmers with each purchase.