Our processes and products restore the Earth.


These days, it's terrific to see sustainable practices being put to widespread use. But, we ask, is it enough to sustain? Our long-exploited environment needs restoration

Our products and processes give back to the Earth, returning nutrients to the soil and cleaner water to our rivers and aquifers.  Quite literally, our biostimulant fertilizer, a co-product of our paper-making processes, can be returned to the very fields from which the originating straw was upcycled. Our paper products are certified compostable and also can be rapidly returned to the soil.


Biological filters

Those of us who have driven through a town with a conventional paper mill still might recall the odor! Our next-generation Earth-restorative processes make use of natural biological filters to clean wastewater and eliminate many of the unhealthy or bothersome effects associated with paper making. Ponds of fish and other wildlife flourish in the downstream habitat.

it's the soil!

Everyone's talking about soil health these days, including the USDA. And while fossil-fuel based fertilizers can restore nutrients to the soil, soil structure degradation and fertilizer runoff remain big problems. Our soil amendment adds critical natural organic acids back to the soil in the form of fulvic and humic acids, restoring structure and health.


We Think in Circles