Earth Restorative Company Launches Break-Through Line of Plant-Derived Fertilizers

VASTLY Fulvic and Humic Acid Biostimulant Made from Wheat Straw Restores Soil, Strengthens Crops, Increases Yields and is Vastly beneficial to U.S. Farmers


Chinese Modesty, Meet Virginia’s Governor Superlative

It is the biggest deal Terry McAuliffe has pulled off so far as governor, the largest Chinese investment in Virginia history. The Chinese company, which broke ground outside Richmond this week on a plant that will churn out environmentally friendly paper, issued a news release for the occasion that was a model of understatement.


Tranlin In Virginia: Harbinger Of A New Trend? Or Two? Three?

Tranlin will use proprietary technology to produce tree-free, non-chlorine bleached paper products made from 100% agricultural field waste such as wheat and corn stalks. They will also use proprietary technology to convert the black liquor into organic humus-based fertilizer that will be marketed to specialty and organic farmers throughout the U.S. The combination of using wheat straw, which is harvested in the spring, and corn stalks, which are harvested in the fall, will help Tranlin overcome one of the wheat straw pulp mill’s issues — timely supply of raw materials.