Paper made from post-harvest straw


Farmers finally have a good answer to "what should I do with this?"

Rapidly renewable, sustainable, and high quality straw is the perfect fiber to make the paper products of the future. Vastly's new earth-restorative technologies are ushering in a new era of paper making.


Finest Quality Fiber

By starting with supple straw, instead of wood splinters, our paper pulp is finer quality without using harsh chemicals. For comparison, if wood fiber is like cotton, straw fiber is like silk.



Natural Color

Safer for the environment and safer for your body. We use no chlorine bleach to whiten our products. Vastly paper is free and clear of dyes or perfumes, too.


Soft By Nature

Zoom in and it's easy to see how fine straw fibers make for softer, silkier tissue. Straw fibers are inherently more flexible than wood fibers, and maintain their strength even when wet.



Our tableware products are certified OK compost by Vinçotte, one of the strictest international certification programs, for residential and commercial-scale composting. 


Virtually Lint-Free

No fuzz, no dust, and reduced pilling.  Put our products to the test: hold up a sheet of our paper, like a napkin or tissue, up to a bright light and rip it. You'll see the difference!



You won't find any dyes, fragrances, coatings, or harmful additives that can cause irritation. All products are gluten-free and can be safely used by the most sensitive among us.