Vastly Values

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Human Health and Environmental Health are Connected

We believe that people can live prosperous, healthy lives in harmony with the Earth. In this era of profound interconnectedness, we challenge ourselves to consider the full impact of our actions as we carry out our mission.



We Only Invest in Clean Manufacturing Technology

We recognize that eco-friendly products are often not wholly so and have committed to purity in our process and product. We strive for rigorous third-party accrediting and full transparency in operations to our stakeholders and customers, creating products that outperform in regards to sustainability as well as quality.



Local Efforts Have Global Effects

We recognize that a history of exploitation has led us down the wrong path. By taking care of the planet as part of our industrial process, we ensure that future generations near and far will be able to enjoy the earth that we love and care for.



Our Business Legacy is a Family Legacy

We take the long view of things and consider the impact of our process and products for decades to come. We bring a vast perspective into the everyday of industry and products and we consider everything we do to be an intentional investment in the future, for our families and our planet.



We’re Dedicated to Creative Ways of Becoming Better by Nature

We approach everything with a sense of innovation and a firm belief that there’s always a way to do better for our planet. We strive to go beyond the status quo and find creative solutions to the biggest problems.