Earth-Restorative Cycle

How we make our products is central to our mission and values.
Our system of production goes beyond sustainable and restores the earth.

Vastly Earth Restorative Cycle

Rapidly Renewable

Wheat can be harvested twice annually, whereas trees take between 8-20 years to reach maturity for paper pulping. What used to be underutilized "crop reside" is now a valuable raw input to the paper & fertilizer production process.


Finest Quality Fiber

Straw naturally makes for a soft and supple fiber. When used in paper making, it opens up new possibilities for absorbency, texture, and strength. Learn More

From Plants, For Plants

Our soil amendment and biostimulant products are an effective and cost efficient way for farmers to improve long-term soil health, enhance nutrient uptake, increase plant vigor, and boost yield.