Tranlin, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Shandong Tranlin Paper Co., Ltd., which has been manufacturing earth-friendly products for more than 40 years. As our aspirations have grown, so has our identity. We sought a name for branding our products in the United States that captured our mission of introducing ingenious ways to make products in harmony with nature.  We believe in the vast potential of this way of thinking, as such, created world-leading, patented technologies to produce highly effective plant-derived fertilizer.  

We go beyond green, growing a Vastly better world. #ThinkVastly


Our Vision


To create superior, earth-friendly

products and technologies

that restore our natural environment

for a more sustainable future.


Our Mission


We introduce ingenious ways to make

products in harmony with nature.

We create a cleaner, safer and more 

sustainable environment


Tranlin Inc. and its subsidiaries have approved fertilizer licenses in the following “green” states. We firmly believe in the distribution of superior and sustainable products to help create a cleaner and safer environment.  #ThinkVastly